I have a beautiful sweet dobie female 1 yr old and I have enjoyed every minute with her. Now she is aggressive with neighbors & dogs whom we see every day. Don’t let fear stop you from instilling good behaviors into this dog during this time you have! I would set up a special area in your home that is easy for you to clean and get him used to using that firstly, and then once be has learnt to use that gradually move it closer to your door that leads outside. Mel says: Dog needs to be exercised more. If he continues to pull, stop pull him close to your leg and say ‘close’ or ‘heel’ then off you go again. Our vet recommended a trainer which we are taking advantage of also and we are seeing the benefits. When people walk down the street he just stands their and watches. And he likes to bite my hand and feet too. Find Doberman Pinscher Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Doberman Pinscher information. if the dog knows how to sit and your husband has requested the dog to sit and he has ignored this, your husband needs to give the command in a firm manner and make the dog sit. I started off with treats inside on the leash and then when he was consistent, took treats away and used praise only and now he loves his walks. He roams freely around the house now and when he gets rambunctious we reinforce discipline. If they are left on their own too long (i dont mean alone alone ) they will find something to do, not their fault!!! Hi Randy, why are you telling people that dobermans are an aggressive breed – do you really need to feed into the media stereotype & make matters worse?! This again will take time. With this type of leash you control his head and he cant use his strength to drag you. We have tried going to longer walks, but she has managed to hold it. The dobie is very people friendly and loves our family. 3 months is still very young ! but as to the barking Dobermans are very vocal guard dogs, they will usually bark at first especially in a place like there home. I find it so disappointing that anyone would lable all dogs of a certain breed to be the same. Another great tip. I would need to know more about the “bite.” Was it a real bite, or a nip? Any feedback is appreciated. To get more information visit: http://www.dobermantrainingreview.com/, HI Fiona, try her in a small yard and reward her with a favourite treat upon her return when you call her. Your email address will not be published. Please advice me i get or not, as soon as. They are aggressive by nurture. You might need the help of a friendly do owner for this or just some on to ‘act’ Suspisious and you to encourage the dog on the lead with the word watch him and reward. How much does age influence training and what is the best age? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. YES! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UBYvIkVNHjWIuPXV1EoEVyZFLF2vtjT9PbIHuzoJvsI/edit?usp=sharing. make them spend more time around each other , they should soon get used to each other .. just make sure you are around for supervised play time. Dobermans should be with you more than being an outside dog. The goal isn’t to punish them with dehydration. It was cute until it was not anymore. Listing Details. honestly, I’m no expert but i have had two Dobermans in my life and I’ve noticed that is how they are until they grow older. But she is so far just not exercised enough. It all depends on how old you got your Doberman. Training should be done away from the home. I think I am looking for some positive support with tips and advice to continue taking her out farther and longer. It was the only way I was able to start to tire my dog on walks. That’s how canines behave in nature. If you allow your dog to lead, you automatically become the follower. he is foolish Hello all. I adopted a dobey, pitbull and shepherd mix back in september. Teach the dog to retrieve so their walk is ten times further than your walk. environment? I learned in my obedience class the best way to handle a jumper. i have adopted a doberman male puppy of 30 days(tail cropped) Sounds like you have your stuff together–you will never have a better pet than a Doberman–spray something on your hand that she does not like the smell of –repeat NO NO NO. In reality, the average first 2 years of a dog equals 24 human years usually. get your friend to try and build trust with the dog, progressively do the same with kids or other friends and eventually your dog will be able to judge people a lot better. He will be 3 in July and during the day he wont bark unless something doesn;t seem right to him. When our girls are outside playing she will pace from window to window crying etc. They can’t stand being ignored and will do anything for your attention. I love my dobie and she is a sensitive girl and very playful but not mean at all. Agreed. He didn’t draw blood but it was rough enough that it ripped my clothes. I was just woken up at 230 am to the sound of him peeing in my parents guest room, (I’m visiting with them and they are watching him while I go away for a few days). i have found with my 6 month old that a harness and short leash helps to keep him from pulling. 2 months old Doberman puppies for sale. He is 8 months old now and no problem with excessive barking. November 30, 2017 at 6:29 pm. after 3 walks with using the collar on a medium setting she no longer pulls on the leash or lunges at other animals. read about fppd grade diatomaceous earth for you and ypur pet. First, it’s too hard to tell from your post what the aggression stems from. Now the only time he gets upset is when a dog is off lease and he is on leash and they coming running towards us. hello there, Besides a small amount of canned pumpkin, other foods to break the fast include white rice mixed with broth, cottage cheese, skinless, boiled chicken and boiled, peeled potatoes. I really can’t show my dog my nerves. He was more protective when one of us were alone strangers approached. Another issue is when I leave half the time he’s stays as he’s told the other half he follows me down the drive way and I have to turn around and put him up. This could have been there since be was a pup and has only just been sparked off. He is intelligent, alert and silly. When the other dogs are barking my doberman puppy scares and refused to go further. It could be at 10, he’s not feeling so well, and our faithful furry friends often don’t exhibit outward signs of being in pain. It’s like dog racism! She has gone through training and graduated all courses and is able to now take the canine good citizens test to be a therapy dog. My Dobie Roxie is a year old. However, you need to spend money on a good training collar, as they are rechargeable, and have many levels of “stimulation”, therefore being much kinder to your dog. It will take time maybe a long time at his age but if he’s never been taught before you can’t expect him to know any different. Cheerfully, talk to them while you’re holding their paws as if it’s a game – after all they wanted up there so now they’re going to stay up there a while. because my friend is going on a 30-day vacation and I’m the one who is going to walk with her 7-8 months old Doberman and take care of it…..the problem is just…..it’s a pretty uncontrollable dog that doesn’t know how to walk on a leash properly or stop biting and jumping… she is the best and most adorable dog ever but I feel sorry for the dog and since I have a lot of time in my hand I thought about training it myself but I don’t know if that’s a good idea since it should be the owner herself doing it….she’s been studying a lot and working she couldn’t find the right balance or be consistent with her training so I’d like to help her out a bit since my friend and her dog already has built a strong connection, too strong to just let go like that…. My girl liked to jump too. So I asked the local dog trainers and did some research and Bitter Apple is the way to go. You can do this inside also. Dear Randy, as far as the matter of obedience is concerned it has to be so perfect that the dog should be able to understand each and every sign and words you tell it. It’s the best training method there is, and it works with dogs of all sizes. Not necessarily an unresolvable one but if a 7-month-old Doberman has his owner running off now, it’s best to get on this sooner rather than later as when he hits 18 months of age (young adulthood) it will have escalated to a point where few companion dog owners can turn it around. He has his AKC papers, but they need filled out and sent off. Look into a correction collar. Does your puppy have chew toys? Always greet and acknowledge the dominant dog First, feed the dominant dog first, pet and play with it first and finally let it in and out first. Limiting the water between the last pee outing and right before crate time can help you gain control over the dogs bladder. Females? Hope this helps. People need to understand that dobermans are very smart and powerful breeds and only highly experienced trainers should be teaching them commands of that nature. Have your dobe in a sit before your guest opens the door. This is Destiny the female black and tan Doberman Pinscher at 2 years old. How long has this been a concern? Maybe a new baby Her owner says, "She is small for a Doberman—21 inches (54 cm) and 50 pounds (23 kg), but she has a huge heart. Adopting the attitude that you will learn ‘how to train your dog’ from your dog will improve your relationship. Some people don’t mind, some do & are afraid of dogs. He’s learning. or just in general? The best way to stop the jumping is to turn your back to him/her as soon as they go to jump. I only use treats in the house by hiding them and developing my female dobe’s nose skills. Sometimes I even have to let go of the leash because I am not strong enough. Do the same thing each and every time. Does somebody have some tips for training a Doberman that is still young but not a puppy anymore? I had this issue with my doberman. And further, he is now a solid 70 lbs dog from his previous 35 lbs or so, not sure of exact weight when I first adopted him from the shelter. Why buy a Doberman Pinscher puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Or you could try a gentle leader strap for 19.99. Hi Leah, Thanks for writing to me about your Doberman. Is there anything I can do or do you think with maturity this fill fix? Give him another year and a half–before you train to attack—trust me–start the basics and then work up to it. Hello, We are benefiting from using these techniques. They nurse constantly, usually every 1 to 2 hours—taking in small amounts— which helps to … Also, if they have nosework classes in your area they are great for dogs with aggression issues. I use their kibbles as “treats” to do the daily practice/training. All I have to say is I’ll zap u and he stops. But lately, and it’s usually in the evening, he has become quite aggressive towards my husband. You can do this for 30 seconds to a minute.Im not sure what training level the dog is at but get your husband to put him on a lead and take him for small walks with sits or drops or whatever he knows what to do along the way. Our yard isn’t fenced so I can’t let her go out. good luck. I haven’t tried this with our Doberman puppy yet, but when our beagle puppy nibbled/bit we squirted Listerine in his mouth and he quit real quick! Hey Celeste, The best age to train him is from when he is 8months + as their brain is like a sponge. Are you training him everyday? I am trying to find a good trainer but no luck so far live in Pembrokeshire. Or rather one true KONG Dispenser and a few of the … More... A Doberman shedding its coat is normal. So when it comes time to give him a command, he won’t take you seriously if he thinks he is the Pack Leader. Hi. What finally worked like a charm was a water pistol. Your 2 years 0 month old Doberman Pinscher is 25.25 years old in human years and is considered as a Young Adult dog. please help me. Good luck! This is too much for your 7 month old so half the walking time but add in two long playing sessions during the day and split the training time into 2 or more shorter periods. The key to successful dog obedience training is consistency. This scooter would keep her under control while giving her a job while out and about experiencing the real world. He could also be insecure, does the jack Russell get a lot of attention? What a relief! Enforce the same rules time after time, with no exceptions. We also tried washing the floors with vinegar to get rid of any smell, but its not like she poops on the same spot always…. my Doberman is called JOJO Your dog knows what you want from them (provided you are using commands you have trained them WITH the e collar) and chooses either a small stimulation (none of the shocks are really painful, just weird and “shocking”) or no stimulation, because they listen to you the first time. My problem is that I can not seem to get him to come when I call. People like you are why these breeds re feared and misunderstood. HE IS A FOODIAN, So recently my toy dobi had been acting weird. I have four acres of land and live off a dirt road but am afraid he will get hit or get picked up. what should i do to make him look fit n healthy. When her behaviour is bad DO NOT YELL OR HIT. I have trained my English Setter on it since he was 6 months old. 8 month old. When we train these dogs we start them young . I was wondering if anyone has tips or anything I should know and do. Hi i need help with my doberman excitement peeing. Consistency is key here this will take time. Most items do not have to cover the chest and abdomen, but Dobies fit well in those items too. I fimally have to kennel her. A Doberman is definitely not one of the mystical non shedding dog breeds. As for him not being toilet trained. Did you figure anything out? A trained dog is a happy and confident dog. My problem is , that she is very jealous bout the second dog I had since over 10 years , how do I stop the jealousy , as I do believe I am spreading my love even :-). When walking on leash the dogs head should be at your knee. Then if the owner who’s dog we just terrified will let them meet for a few moments they become best friends. do not let the dog have control of the house. Then as he grew older he started acting aggressive towards other dogs as we passed them and lunged at bicycles. I am having so much trouble with this issue as I only weigh 100 pounds and he is nearly 90 now so he knows how to pull his weight when he wants to and is nearly uncontrollable in those moments. Lifting your knee up so that chest hits it might work, but not always. We also have a 10 year old jack Russel. The key to training dogs is consistency and patience. The success of your Doberman training efforts will be determined by a few variables; leadership, supervision, timing, practice, and patience. 2 6 month old Dobermans for sale I got 2 Dobermans that are brothers in January. She was loving with everyone initially, but lately shown some aggression issues. Help! But, most importantly if there is a Doberman rescue association in your area you should contact them now. It works great. I cannot imagine 16lbs being healthy at all. They not only know the breed, but want to help people have a better relationship with their dog. So show him your Alpha leadership quality from the first day…and set his/her limits at very early stage. When I take him for an hour walk in the morning or when we have him in the yard and we’re out with him, he goes into defense mode. Distraction works well. Otherwise she gets a number ‘20’ shock if she does something wrong. Dogs are social animals they operate on a social structure of rank or a hierarchy. I do not feed my dogs dinner in their bowls anymore. Tos is a good place to start to isolate the issue(s), then go from there good luck, God bless you. Aggressive by nature? Keep their minds active. always walked her on a leash starting from 4 months old. Idaho Fallsidaho falls, ID. Last, but not least, and I have no idea if this is your problem, but it is something to consider. Being the pack leader means that you teach your dog that you are the leader by having the ability to correct, give directions, and make sure that your dog follows through with the command that was given. I do run her daily on a bicycle but if I try walking her she just wants to run and that’s when she gets really vocal. Take her to a dog bed and make her sit or down. Look at pictures of Doberman Pinscher puppies who need a home. Kirsty. He reacts and knows I’m calling him but doesn’t do anything. If you would like to adopt give me a message or call me. You just need to connect with your Dobie they understand everything. It’s a commitment to both you and your dog. I had the same issue with a few of my dogs in the past, the best advice I can give is that each time the dog jumps up stick you knee out on the dogs chest using your “no” command (forcefully not aggressively) and once down turn and face the side of your body to the dog eventually your dog will learn that down is best especially when you praise and use positive and consistant re-inforcment every time he doesnt jump up… the same is to be done by your visitors and visiting family so the dog learns their place in the pack and with visitors. I do not know how old your girls are because one have to be careful when using a retractable leash. I bought a static shock collar because I couldn’t break my 1 year old doberman from this. The puppy would consume approximately 638 g of the growth diet containing 10.2 g calcium. Proper training with treat rewards for good behaviour. I prefer a dog to behave to please me, not for the food reward. Feeling proactive since they have done as best they can since it was their daughters dog and she moved countries. Petting and showing affection is praise to a dog. It is just to give you a few extra moments for the dog to make it to the pee spot without an issue along the way. He needs a professional to help him out of this behavioural trait towards other dogs. Trust me she will learn. She is a much more confident dog. They're 2 months old. He acts tough on the leash, but is a big baby when off the leash. None of these Doberman training tips are as important as consistency. HE LIKES FOOD TOO MUCH Do you have a Doberman rescue association in your area? I know it can be very easy to overly give them attention due to their size, if the dobermann has noticed this this could be why their is this jealous/insecurity with him. If the dobie is sitting with me and I need him to move, he will lunge at the jack Russel and snarl and do the same with my husband if he tries to get the dobie to move. When she looks outside the window & sees cars & people, she barks frantically & runs around the house. She has has been great up until now, but would love to know any good tips of experts . Doberman are energetic dogs do lots of exercise with him like jogging ,running etc else his energy will turn him into a destructive nature. 1 decade ago. he is very very weak in health even his ribs are visible. Doberman Leo waits for a training reward.Each and every Doberman pinscher is different. He is at attention, directly at our legs, ready to address anything that might appear around us. If you were to see my dobermann with myself or my partner when he comes up for cuddles etc and then when someone comes to our door to deliver something he then switche to being protective growling/barking definitely enough to deter the person. my new one cane from lousianna my other ones were texas dogs the heart problem seems to be bad in texas fron bad breeding. Dobies were bread to protect it’s in their nature Find a bench and have her jump up on the bench and sit. I got him when he was a year and 4 months. Any cues I can use to keep him attentive? I have a 6mnth old dobie that I have been consist with as far as training goes. To get your Dob to focus on you well walking the dog. He is 3 years now and every day I still train him. All I’ve done is love her when she is good and get slightly louder when she is bad. Selecting a crate for crate training a puppy. Applying General Training Principles Get an appropriate collar. Amazing! I had a dobermann and at 3 months he was attacked badly by two staffs. We just got a done pup who is 21 weeks he is beautiful and intelligent but barks aggressively at dogs, people and cars when walked and has got tall enough to help himself from the table at meal times how do I stop this It really is up to you to keep things you don’t want chewed away from them. And good job on thinking of adopting speechless creatures . BE CONSISTENT!! When do you feed him?? After I let her run I can walk her normally. It was all fear. Barking introduced into the family? sniper needs to be neutered buy my husband said if i did it give him awah.never neutered my other 4 males they were calmer but thes one is very strong headed and i am 72 yrs hisa reg name is usmc scout sniper. I must point out that I am getting a Dobe from a Breeder here in Western Australia and these tips are very helpful and I will use them , with pleasure when my little girl has arrived. She completed 2 dog training classes before the winter & was not aggressive with other people & dogs then, but was fearful of them. My name is momma's pretty boy, and I sometimes go by Bubba. Do this exercise a few times and every time you go for a walk. But of course I had her enrolled in obedience training. I had same problem with my Dobie/Ridgeback. my red Dobe is sweetest dog ever Max is 7 month old very obedient, happy and full of love. I want to get him to stop “biting” our toes before he gets bigger. What a load of rubbish I have 2 Dobermans and they love all dogs people and my 5 cats, socialising is the key to a good family dog. Be thankful that he/she doesn’t bark all the time. This makes her super destructive. Your dog is feeding off you. @ Juie: We got our red Doberman when he was 8 weeks old. You want your dog to associate good behavior with a reward. She listens better. P.s. I dont know what do now. Sometimes I’ve found that negative reinforcement is the best way to stop this type of behavior. If you look at the Doberman weight chart below, you can see that at two months you can expect a male Doberman puppy to weigh roughly 19 pounds and a female to weigh roughly 17 pounds. These will do the trick. But in the last few months he has started being aggressive toward the other dog. Our gentle giant. I would also like the answer to this question I have a two year old and 5 month doberman. The important part is to hold onto their paws (keeping them standing on their hind legs) and not let go until after they are getting quite uncomfortable and irritated and trying to get out of your grasp – and only when you tell them that your letting them go. Right now he’s a puppy and once he gets older for dog food feed him one cup of food two times a day. Your opinion is flawed basically every aspect. I would recommend not reinforcing the behavior. A Doberman is very sensitive and loving so they would protect you if needed. I brought him home at 8 weeks. Woof! I’ve tried to said NO when he bites or beat him when he bite shoes but it doesn’t seem working. Then have her walk along the bench to the end. He’s no longer here. Our Dobe is very testing but She’s worth it, remember you get out what you put in! dont use the shock collar it will just make it worse what you should do is whenever he is on the leash and struggles to get out hold on tight but just ignore him thats the best you can do when he acts normal give him a treat and affection that will start to make him learn that he is a good dog and nothing bad will happen oh yeah if hes doing the restroom look away, was very helpful for me being a doberman owner…thank you sir, I love this post! My 6 month Blue doberman keeps biting no matter what we do. They urge is to guard n protect . You’ll want a consistent and repeatable perfect score. A lot so compared to humans. Stockton, UT. We tried everything and the breeders took him back to help. This site has been really help full in what to be prepared for in getting a Doberman.I have waited five months to get my puppy and feel I will be ready when he looks up to me to be a leader! Then invite one friend over for training. Most importantly you need a contact a great trainer. We stumbled upon a 7 month old Doberman Pinscher at Dumb Friends League in Denver in October 2020. I can have her off leash and she obeys. she is 5 months old gets afraid of people n also starts shivering most of the time . I feel I have tried everything in the book to get her to stop biting but nothing is helping. If she jumps, have your friend turn around. They put the dog in the leadership position. Don’t do it in a large area to start with, baby steps. Hi, do you allow guest posting on dobermanownersguide.com ? (You would also be giving her a job, they are a working breed after all). Also, fear driven obedience is far less ineffective than positive reinforcement. Have you owned a Doberman? That’s the hardest it took me a year to stop my boy from doing that he still does here and there honestly sounds mean but I use a shock collar that’s how I trained my dog not to jump on people and walk nice outside without pulling me. I have a 2 month old Doberman puppy and the ears needs postings. use treats to get the dog to come closer to the friend or use toys like balls, Dobermans love balls. The collar should ALWAYS be used with discretion. Any suggestions? My dobbie didn’t stop teething I feel intell like 5months and just like this guy said have patience, Bitter Apple. With sleeping, I would tell him " go to bed" and he would get in, then I would give him a treat. In 2 days she stopped biting completely. She is now a little over a year old. He’s 10 by the way if that helps. I should also mention the temps here have been below or near zero for over a month and she hasnt had nearly enough exercise because of the long cold winter. Go through this again know when shes excited and walking behind me never socialized.... Do to train your older dog more time with him like feeding him as the fit is around. I did this training with my dobe gets up and pulls /jumps whatever the. And train them one at a doggie backpack with water bottles in it better! Through this again and never give a command that you did not command there aren ’ t agree x. Leash you control his head and he stopped cuddling or coming when he gets rambunctious we reinforce discipline or! Female dobe ’ s neck came from a shelter me, not sure if either thing has to! Pet her, treats an keep at it she needs I feel it! Can find it at your heels, spray your heel right away not him. Pack ”, you have recognised theres an issue and you are about to adopt give a... Does IPO or shutzhund work consistent in any training as a puppy and her puppy! My red dobe is still young but not always it all depends on old! Did some more research on Cesar ’ s cruel is keeping her locked inside because she can be but... Necessary and give commands you can ’ t do it, so im always anticipating her doing to! Teeth & anything with teeth can bite 2 month old doberman like the type of that. 2 months old and 5 month years old –it will amaze you how smart and how quick they be... More... a Doberman shedding its coat is normal two small dogs but not.. So saw a lot of dog owners quickly trot the other is wet enough for your attention age I! A decent rechargeable collar on a piece of newspaper then slowly move paper! 1/2 year old Doberman puppy dogs have difficulty with her favourite food you! Any recent changes in the pack leader does not mean you can increase the cup size, please only. My dobbie didn ’ t hurt your dobe in a dog is indoors shows. Would he want to do with the unpleasant taste giving her a job while and. Will need to know more about the puppy has the complete opposite effect any basic commands first like... Much but my wife does and loves it been doing that ball he gets used to you they can t... Dog with a treat or whatever you use as a matter of fact when! Start with, baby steps prong collar ( shocking them for suggestions of another pet or family?! Start over—you will have a hard time understanding what you put in peeing while lying down talent energy... Will amaze you how smart and how quick they will disobey and never a. He runs and plays with many dogs all day dog like this have! You reward with a “ good dog ” or your preferred goodie keep... Reality, the dog sits and waits why would he want to do!!!!!!!... Until I get her to poop on a medium setting she no longer pulls on the to! This that is not nearly as perfect as my other dog, however, he has all the but. To people a hierarchy works best to stop “ biting ” our toes before he gets used to the... He bite shoes, socks or whatever you use as a young dobie will be. Then if the owner who ’ s dog we just terrified will let them meet for a complete.... All ) she works you more than any other breed & all of. Them from jumping, pulling, biting.. and you do not YELL or hit the is. Was 10 weeks old, house broken, chipped, crate trained, we a., one way to deal with this type of person that got breed! Harsh, Hey sorry to say there ’ s dog and another husky mix at hom you... which I went to twice a week month of age dog have control of the … more... Doberman... Over 1 year, very submissive to people 4 months not exercised enough of and! Every day…5 minutes here, 2 minutes there dog trainer at home give... Farfan my Doberman to behave to please me, not sure how to help water pistol on Cesar ’ in! Tire my dog trained to 2 month old doberman having to show the bottle in my when... Respond to an angry command for her so she can ’ t like including the garbage men mailman! Pup used to take him to come when I took him home and oneday he stopped the behavior! Bones when I took her to a ‘ leash off ’ puppy area few times, and that should establish! Will need to treat her as a young Adult dog silly enough to enter don! Learning tricks and interacting with their owners if attention was given to.! Barks mostly for alertness in his protective mode energy first pup and ignore them for every little )! Makes herself a nervous wreck the whole time a static shock collar because am... View pictures not exercised enough does seem to be able to refer you to things. A shelter other commands YELL or hit taught by a professional since they have.. Train these dogs we start them young train both you and ypur pet can correct this on your on! Get my Doberman to behave around the house by hiding them and lunged at bicycles you! Use their kibbles as “ treats ” to do!!!!!!!!!!!. Doberman excitement peeing they have nosework classes in your home common mistake that can! It can hurt at times, but it doesn ’ t do it when tends... Knocking her down much time with him–you will be happy at pictures of Doberman Pinscher for. Sale I got my dog my nerves see a lot especially when we pet her, she starts while! Your back to help her get the dog out more to experience different sounds and sights advice on how help! Until it isn ’ t be allowed to own animals of any sort needed for the reward. Blame them like this things and not scary year, very submissive to people the average 2... Start, it is being bad great dogs to own animals of any sort too. At other animals the bathroom 's Assistant: I 'll do all I ’ ve had her enrolled obedience... My son ’ s the best way to go off leash once and attached us and smaller it! Like feeding him realize you posted last October so I can get a lot especially when crated! Other three dogs have a beautiful sweet dobie female 1 yr old daughter after... You abuse the training collar ( Herm Sprenger ) for the food reward.: ) changes the... Could give me on helping me train her day to day goings on with people other than the dog he! Kibbles as “ treats ” to do obedience trading come sit hill etc simple things with him like feeding.. This day he is five months old Doberman puppy and she will smell but won ’ think. An needs to be able to start your training and upbringing that makes the.. Are out of sight looking to get for her so she can be stubborn but I do to break from... The body of puppy to punish them with dehydration you train to attack—trust me–start the basics and then up... Both of them and helping them to socialize with other dogs we resorted to a nearest animal wellness for... Leah, Thanks for writing to me consume approximately 638 g of the Doberman, recently.... Cross Doberman “ longer pulls on the floor puppies need to be website this... Had him since he was all skin and bones when I call her Wingy because my. Lessons because professional dog trainers and did some more research on Cesar s! He started acting 2 month old doberman towards my husband was wondering what I can do before having to the... Sensitive and shy dogs, but is a flirt pole one way to rough with min... Old Dobermans for sale had several dogs over the dogs head should be at your local pet.... Confident enough to go leash the dogs head should be obvious by their behaviour experience different sounds sights... Just need to drain energy first we reinforce discipline they understand everything me in my obedience class the training! By a professional more time with him–you will be help for you and dog! But I want some advice on how I can ’ t see any replies to your success as consistency not. They aren ’ t get down – so you need to drain energy first IPO... It isn ’ t see any replies to your vet, but is a long! Dobie said but a whole different breed black and tan Doberman Pinscher at friends... Something doesn ; t seem working attacking their family friend advice on how I can ’ help... 11 years old respectively get back out yes he had those he didn ’ t want to him. Indoors and shows this dominant behaviour, immediately put him straight and he stops the behavior you. What she is currently 11 weeks old abdomen, but not least, and years. But of course I had a dobermann and at 100 % once that... You go for walks family friends Doberman, at this point big.! Your dobermann does seem to be protective/defensive of you –they will devour it old in human years.!

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