Organizations Local Businesses. Town Hall: Monday - Tuesday 9:00am-1:00pm. Office Address 1102 Bridge Street Grafton, WI 53024 Knowing what materials are hazardous not only saves the environment, it could save you as well, since discarding them in regular trash is illegal. Where these programs are not available, drop-off locations may be available to collect recyclable materials. Meeting & Election Hall Address 1230 11th Avenue Grafton, WI 53024. All Valley Yellow Pages directories are 100% recyclable and it is easier to recycle than you think. Please also see the 2020 Collection Calendar above. Grafton Residents can recycle unwanted clothing, shoes and home goods with free, curbside pick up on your REGULAR recycling day only. Contact Information Thomas Withcuskey - Planning Board Chairman PO Box G Grafton, New York 12082 (518) 451-0767. Recycling is more than just filling your blue collection bin every week. With the amount of waste already in landfills, the problem may seem larger than any individual effort can solve. DIVISION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT & SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY O FFICE OF THE NEW YORK STATE COMPTROLLER Report of Examination Period Covered: January 1, 2011 — October 31, 2012 2013M-133 Town of Grafton Internal Controls Over Claims Auditing Thomas P. DiNapoli Skip to Main Content. In fact, it continues to be the most popular source consumers turn to when looking to find a local business. Copyright 2021 AGI Publishing, Inc.All Rights Reserved, Environmental & Ecological Equip Services, Grafton, NY Curbside Collection and Drop Off, Grafton, NY Disposing of Hazardous Materials, Advertising Contract Terms and Conditions. Not only are they harmful if placed in the trash, it is also illegal to throw these items away in the regular trash or recycle bins. You may enter Elm Avenue East either from Elm Avenue or from Jericho Drive off Route 9W. OPEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Office Assistant Kristin Scherrer. Recycling Fees. It is believed that the town received its name from Grafton, Vermont, where the first town supervisor, Nathaniel Dumbleton, was originally from. Use the information found in this section to find locations in your area where household hazardous materials can be discarded. 2021 Christmas Tree Collection Schedule. Recycled directories are broken down to make many household items as well as other Yellow Pages directories; and despite popular belief, there are more directories that get recycled than end up in a landfill. We offer recycling services to the residents of Town of Grafton, Wisconsin in order to make recycling easy and convenient for you, so that you don’t mind doing your part. We have received several calls regarding missed recycling pick up today. Committees. But small recycling efforts do make a significant impact and can help preserve the environment for generations to follow. The schedule is also posted on the Highway Department's webpage and you can also click here to view. Trash / Recycling & Simple Recycling | Town of Grafton MA. Village of Grafton, Wisconsin • 860 Badger Circle • Grafton, WI 53024 • Phone: 262-375-5300 • Contact Us The 2021 Garbage & Recycling Schedule is now available! Please be sure to remove all metal wire, nails, and lights.Do not place trees in … Office Address 1102 Bridge Street Grafton, WI 53024. Waste & recycling facilities in Town of Grafton, Wisconsin. The town is an interior town near the north-central part of the county. Use the information found in this section to help you determine what is available in your area. Town Clerk Monday 6:00pm - 9:00pm Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm - Closed 1/14 Saturday - 9am - 1pm Call 518-279-9609 if assistance is needed outside of these hours. Meeting & Election Hall Address 1230 11th Avenue Grafton, WI 53024. HOME. Electronics such as televisions, computers, cell phones, video game consoles, DVD players, etc., include toxic chemicals on their motherboards that pose a threat when sent to landfills. CLOSED: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday & ALL LEGAL HOLIDAYS. There are many everyday household items and materials that pose a threat to the environment and human health if not properly discarded. If a scheduled pick-up falls on a holiday, the pick up will be pushed back a day. The Town of Grafton reserves the right to take whatever measures are necessary to insure that these rules and regulations are complied with. Bring Exact change2. Meeting & Election Hall Address 1230 11th Avenue Grafton, WI … When Republic provides service to Grafton; Category, Business Name, Address, or Phone, 'City,State' or ZIP Code (Fresno,CA or 93727). "How long will it last?" Learn what different curbside collection programs exist and what materials can be included in your collection bins. The 2021 Sanitation and Recycling Schedule was mailed and most residents should have already received. Contact Us. Yet only 25% is actually recycled. Login That means you do not have to separate any of your recyclable items and your points will be based on how much you and your neighbors recycle. On September 1, 2015, the Town of Perinton began charging residents a fee to recycle CRT TVs and Computer Monitors. Ask yourself: "What material is it made from?" The Highway Garage is located near the Jericho Drive-in. Keeping products and materials from reaching landfills brings value to the environment in a number of ways. Address: 2279 Crompond Road Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (Behind the Police Dept) Phone: (914) 245-4438 Fax: (914) 962-3612 Meeting Minutes. Tax Collector: Amanda Mason Mail In Payments: Grafton Tax Collector, Amanda Mason, Tax Collector, PO Box 506, Grafton NY 12082 Grafton, NY The Three Rs of Recycling: Recycling Centers & Services; Charitable Organizations; Environmental & Ecological Equip Services. While not everything can be recycled, the majority of products and materials we use on a daily basis can be. ... Town of Grafton, Ozaukee County, WI. The population was 2,130 at the 2010 census. Some of these items include: electronics, motor oil, batteries, pesticides and some household cleaners. Since Advanced Disposal believes in how important recycling can be for the environment and the conservation of energy and resources, we offer the opportunity for Town of Grafton, Wisconsin to partner with use and put our experience, knowledge, and facilities to use. ... Town of Grafton, Ozaukee County, WI. We offer commercial recycling services to businesses in Town of Grafton, Wisconsin – that means you can concentrate on getting through your work day and leave us to deal with the recycling. ... Town of Grafton, Ozaukee County, WI. Acceptable items include: all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. A number of cities and communities offer their residents curbside collection programs making recycling easier. We at Advanced Disposal think it’s great to recycle, but we get that you’ve got other things on your mind while running a business. The town is an interior town near the north-central part of the county. Toters have been delivered to residents at no cost … The Town of Grafton adopted mandatory recycling in April 1995 to save The information found in this section outlines the different ways Yellow Pages directories can be recycled and provides information on how you can do it. According to the EPA, approximately 75% of the trash Americans throw away each week is recyclable. In order to fully complete the recycling process, thought and consideration should be applied at the time of purchase and deciding when it is time to throw it away. The Recycling Center, located at 27 Upton Street, is open on Saturdays only from from 8:00am to 1:00pm for Grafton residents.Please do not bring any trash or yard wastes to the Recycling Center. is in effect until April 15, 2021 (No Parking on Roads) Parking Ban Hours are 4pm to 6am. Introducing the answers to these questions into your purchasing and discarding habits will ensure that reduce and reuse become part of the recycling process. "Does it have any life left?" Advanced Disposal believes that recycling is important, but we understand that it can sometimes be a hassle. While not every community offers this program the total number of cities adopting some type of curbside collection program is continuing to grow. Planning Board Members Thomas Withcuskey - Chair Martha Goss James Goyer Owen (Skip) Grandjean And when last year’s directory is ready to be replaced, be sure to recycle it. Notice of New February 1, 2020 price changes: Bagged Garbage 30 gallon = $4 Bagged Garbage 50 gallon = $8. **Please Note**Comments sent to the Town of Grafton are considered public documents. These measures include, but are not limited to inspecting loads and requiring users to segregate or remove unauthorized items. Be vigilant and mindful of personal space. Town of Hector Residents Only. While not everything is recyclable, not everything can be discarded either. Use the information found in this section to find out what it is and help you increase your recycling efforts. Town Officials. Some materials contain toxic chemicals that, if improperly discarded, pose a threat to health and the environment. Town of Grafton, NY. Use the following form to send comments and questions to the Town of Grafton. In order to fully complete the recycling process, thought and consideration should be applied at the time of purchase and deciding when it is time to throw it away. Town of Perinton CRT TV/Monitor Recycling Policy. Residents discard recyclable trash such as glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and steel in colored waste bins and leave them at their curb for pick-up. Visit this section of the guide to learn what is safe to include in recycling and what materials require special treatment. 6 feet from all other people at the center. When recycling happens, products that would normally be discarded are broken down and turned into something valuable. Aluminum cans, shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, jelly jars, newspapers and even your Valley Yellow Pages can all be recycled. Town of Grafton Planning Board v. Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 4 Office. To find your RECYCLING COLLECTION DAY, please click open the tab "Is it made from other recycled material?" Foreman Kevin Alimonti. Meeting & Election Hall Address 1230 11th Avenue Grafton, WI 53024. Place: Grafton Town Hall Topic: Planning Board. Grafton currently employs four full and 2 part time workers. Planning Board Meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm. Mailing Address: PO Box G, Grafton, NY 12082 - Physical Address: 2379 Rte 2, Grafton, NY 12082 Phone: 518-279-3565 - Fax: 518-279-3685 Please note that carts should be out by 7:00 am as pick-up times may change without notice. Grafton is a town in Rensselaer County, New York, United States.The population was 2,130 at the 2010 census. View the 2016 Recycling Guide for information on garbage collection, recycling, and more. RECYCLING PICK UP. Distribution of Copies: NYSDOT Region 1 Town of Brunswick Town of Grafton R. J. Valente Gravel, Inc. REMINDER – Appliance & Electronics Recycling – Fireman’s Park in Cedarburg 9.26.20 10:00 a.m. until Noon. Therefore, it is important to keep a recent Valley Yellow Pages directory on hand as it contains the latest and most updated information. The information found in this section provides a deeper insight into why we should recycle, what benefits recycling provides and how taking simple steps every day will protect our home, our families and the environment. Learn what simple steps you can take to protect the environment while enjoying the benefits of your directory. It can be found by clicking the below link or under “Town of Grafton” then “Town Services”. Garbage collection is WEEKLY; Recycling is EVERY OTHER WEEK. Office Address 1102 Bridge Street Grafton, WI 53024. As this varies by community, you will want to verify what is accepted in your area. TOWN OF CLAYTON Solid Waste Transfer Site 36243 County Route 4 Clayton, NY 13624 Phone: (315) 686-2557. Seasonal Road Closures December 1st through April 1st. The Grafton Brush Dump is CLOSED for the season and will reopen in the Spring. Learn what offerings are available in your area to protect your home and environment. The Yellow Pages is a valuable tool for finding local services and businesses right when you need them. September 5, 2020. Accepted materials are listed in the links to the left. /s/ Michael Zagata, Commissioner Dated: June 5, 1996 Albany, New York. Also note: Electronics Recycling The following items can be brought to recycling every Saturday at no charge. Advanced Disposal offers a variety of waste and recycling services for residential and commercial customers in the city of Town of Grafton, … 3. Notice of New February 1, 2020 price changes: Bagged Garbage 30 gallon = $4Bagged Garbage 50 gallon = $8. In the winter months, snow removal and sand/salt distribution of town roads are also part of their responsibility. Learn the latest recycling statistics and find out how America is doing globally with their recycling efforts. Weather permitting, Christmas Trees will be collected per the schedule below. Drop off allowed every Saturday 9am-1pm (year round) and Thursday 5-7pm (April to mid-October) at the Town Hall. There will be a FREE shredding event open to Town of Bethlehem residents on Saturday 11/14/2020 from 10 AM - 1 PM at the Town Highway Garage Parking Lot, 74 Elm Avenue East, Selkirk, NY 12158. We are trying to keep the people of Grafton up to date with the activities and what's happening in town (Motor oil, batteries, pesticides, paint and paint thinners are some of those hazardous products). All Recycling must be in the EL Harvey Toter. Grafton is a town in Rensselaer County, New York, United States. Did you also know that there is another “R” that should be considered as well? 30 Providence Road, Grafton, MA 01519 Phone: 508-839-5335 FAX: 508-839-4602 Hours of Operation: Mon. 3 talking about this. Wednesday: 12pm - 4pm Saturday - 10am - 2pmClosed July 4th & Sept 5thWhile this is considered an “essential service” we want to keep all of our citizens safe and ask the following: 1. Home Budgets Town Directory. Please alert your friends and neighbors. Town of Mount Pleasant, One Town Hall Plaza Valhalla, NY … Announcements. It is believed that the town received its name from Grafton, Vermont, where the first town supervisor, Nathaniel Dumbleton, was originally from. Parking Ban. * Recycling Bins are available at the Refuse & Recycling Office (behind the Police Station): 16-gallon bin @ $6.00, and 18-gallon bin @ $ 8.00 * Recycling saves natural resources and tax dollars. Telephone: (262) 377-8500. I encourage the Town of Grafton to identify their environmental concerns so that the Region 4 Office can consider them in DEC's determination of significance. Weekly (Zero-Sort) Recycling & Composting . Particularly the packaging of most of the products we use every day. Republic/Allied Waste offers a hassle-free, single-stream, community weight-based approach to recycling. Mailing Address: PO Box G, Grafton, NY 12082 - Physical Address: 2379 Rte 2, Grafton, NY 12082Phone: 518-279-3565 - Fax: 518-279-3685Email: - Website: 508-366-3060 Primary Number, Westboro Dispatch (508) 839-2858 Grafton Dispatch : EDC Commercial Recycling. They receive a second life and landfills are spared the waste. Learn what benefits each “R” provides and what simple changes you can make to incorporate them into every day life and establish good recycling habits. Property Taxes and Motor Vehicle/Vitals/Dog Licenses. Residential Recycling. Recycling is more than just filling your blue collection bin every week. Once we have an opening date, it will be posted here. Also, locate drop-off centers in your area where you can take recycling if curbside collection does not accept it or it is not offered in your community. Their tasks include the general upkeep and improvement of roadways, drainage systems, bridges, and town buildings. Please fill out all required fields or we will be unable to process your request. This program is in addition to your current recycling program. Trash/Recycling update from Grafton DPW. Town of Grafton, Ozaukee County, WI. Many local businesses provide disposal services and buy back programs to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste. Town of Grafton, NH. - Fri. 8:30AM - 4:30PM Employees | Site Map | Website Disclaimer | Government Websites by CivicPlus ®. This charge is being levied to cover the fees that our Electronics Recycler is charging the Town to properly dispose of these items. So tell your neighbors to participate and recycle! Make sure to choose a selection from the pull-down list so that we know where to direct your comment.

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